This is not an article aboutĀ features and benefits. My hope isĀ that our free content will give you a good insight into the quality of our online drum lessons. This is an article about what really makes us different - our values, our unique approach, and our passion to help you succeed, have fun, and achieve your goals. We like to call it "The Drum Ambition Difference".


Whether you are looking for online beginner drum lessons, a product or service, trying to solve a problem or just looking for information, there has never been so much choice. The internet has facilitated much of this, and I truly believe we are just scratching the surface of what we can do online.

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With this abundance of choice, comes the challenge of standing out amongst the competition and offering a service that is truly unique, brings real value to the consumer, solves their problem, and is fun and entertaining to use. So when I set out to create Drum Ambition in November 2014, these were all points that I considered carefully.

Firstly, I knew early on that my platform would be for beginner drummers. While I teach at all levels at my studio in San Diego, I am extremely passionate about working with people who are starting their musical journey. The early stages are a critical time for any aspiring musician; and the initial experiences can make or break their drumming adventure. It's a big responsibility, and one I take very seriously. I understand that I might be helping someone achieve a lifelong dream, reduce some stress, supplementing the resources of other teachers, or perhaps even inspiring someone to pursue music as a career. When you subscribe to Drum Ambition, you are not getting multiple drum teachers, each with different backgrounds and approaches - you are getting one teacher, me. Aside from being an experienced teacher, I understand the responsibility, and I care about your experience. I want you to succeed, have fun and achieve your personal goals.

As someone who has worked with many drum teachers, and enjoys the personal interaction with students, I was initially skeptical to whether it is possible to effectively teach drums online, and I wrestled with this thought for a long time during the planning process. This is when I came up with what I believe is another, and perhaps the most important unique feature. I want Drum Ambition to provide you with the experience of a one-to-one drum lesson. The content has to be comprehensive, structured and exceptionally well delivered - that is a given. But teaching is not just about imparting information, it is about personal guidance, providing inspiration, and building relationships - at least, it should be. That is why the actual video lessons and accompanying resources are just one feature of what we do. Drum Ambition subscribers on Pro and Rockstar Plans have access to me, via Zoom. I actively encourage them to use it. I talk often with students around the world on the Drum Ambition Curriculum, or other areas that they need help with, from understanding chart reading to developing personalized practice routines, helping decide on equipment purchases, and identifying good, qualified local drum teachers.

Our Curriculum has been designed with the express goal of simplifying the beginner drumming experience, and teaching you the important foundations of drum beats, drum fills and musicality. We fine tune the things you really need to know to be able to learn, have fun, and start playing along to music as soon as possible. There is an overwhelming amount of content available online, some good, some bad. Our goal is to provide you with a one-stop destination, providing structured educational content that is understandable and attainable, all delivered by a cutting-edge platform with full support.

As a drum teacher that owns and operates his own studio and actively participates in the local drum community, I fully understand, and actively promote the value of working personally with a drum teacher in your area. That is why I created Drum Ambition Connect. When students are ready to take the next step and start looking for a local teacher, I help them with the research process, and do my best to ensure a good match. Sometimes, working with a teacher is not an option for reasons of local availability, available time, budget or a whole host of other reasons unique to each individual's personal circumstances - and this is where the Zoom consultations can be a great addition to the online content.

I also wanted to create a platform where we can give back, and that is why I created Drumming For Good. During the lengthy research period for Drum Ambition, I did a lot of reading on companies that I believed had a unique approach to doing business. Sir Richard Branson's books were particularly inspiring, and the work of his charitable foundation Virgin Unite inspired me to make this a priority within my own business. You can see full details of our 2016 and 2017 donations to date here.

Lastly, although Drum Ambition is my own personal platform, there is a team of people behind the scenes all dedicated and committed to making this the best educational experience available for beginner drummers. In fact, you can see them all listed here.

So why not try the Drum Ambition Difference for yourself, and join the community of beginner drummers around the globe who entrust their educational experience with us. Feel free to check out our free content and other free resources including our blog, and if you have any questions or comments you would like to share, please email [email protected].

Simon DasGupta.

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