How To Use Drum Ambition

We want you to have a fun and successful learning experience. This short read will help!

1. Set a realistic pace - You'll have a lot more fun!

Drum Ambition has 5 Modules. We recommend that you watch one to two videos per week, and formulate a practice plan that allows enough time to work on the lesson contents. Practice guidance is given at the end of each video, and it's really important to feel comfortable with a lesson (Videos, and any accompanying audio files) before moving on. Beware - Moving on too quickly can lead to frustration later down the line. These are very important fundamentals, and our curriculum has been thoughtfully planned to give you the best experience.

2. Watch the Music Notation Videos in Module 1.

Naturally, you'll want to jump in to the drum set instruction videos, but don't miss the 10 short Music Notation Videos in Module 1. Learning to read basic music notation will be a huge benefit while you go on this amazing journey. To be clear, you don't have to do this, but it really does help, as I discuss in this video.

3. Don't miss the Sheet Music and extra Audio Files.

All lessons come with sheet music, which you can download and print if you wish. Certain videos in Module 1 come with extra audio file examples and exercises, and all videos in Modules 2, 3, 4 and 5 include them. The extra audio file exercises are usually more challenging than the basic examples shown in the videos. It's highly recommended to look at these, and be comfortable with them before moving on to the next video.

4. Take the Special Feature Videos at your own pace - they are supplemental to the main content.

As with all Modules, the Special Feature Videos can be accessed from your Dashboard. These are a series of extracurricular mini-lessons (in addition to our 5 main Modules), and cover topics such as bass drum technique, grip, posture, positioning your drums, stick tricks, drum set assembly, rudiments and frequently asked questions. These are all topics that you might want to consider looking at throughout your journey. Simon references these videos often, and you will be prompted to view them if they relate to a video lesson you are working on.

5. Have fun!

It's Number 5, but this is by far the most important tip! If you are not enjoying a lesson or finding it frustrating, it is usually due to a break down in one or more of the above tips. Whatever you do, don't lose the fun element! People often find exercises frustrating when they have moved on too quickly from the last lesson, without attention to the practice guidelines.

Getting help.

If you have any questions, you can email [email protected], or click on the blue help icon in the bottom right of your screen. Also, it's a good idea to browse our Frequently Asked Questions.

Your drumming adventure awaits.