If you are taking online beginner drum lessons, or are thinking about drumming as a hobby, we have a series of blog articles that can help you. We regularly add new features, and to help identify which ones may be relevant to you, we have compiled this list of the top Drum Ambition blog topics.

2020 POSTS.

5 Ways electronic drums are great for beginner drummers. 26th March, 2020.

5 Ways to improve your snare drum sound. 24th March, 2020.

Cymbals - 5 Essential Facts. 20th March, 2020.

The Ultimate Survival Guide for Beginner Drummers - Available Now. 18th March 2020.

The Bass Drum - 5 Essential Facts. 16th March, 2020.

The Snare Drum - 5 Essential Facts. 10th February, 2020.

Looking for a drum teacher? 10 questions that will help with your search. Part 2. 15th January 2020.

2019 POSTS.

Looking for a drum teacher? 10 questions that will help with your search. Part 1. 19th November, 2019.

The Top 5 drum innovations of the last 20 years. 18th September, 2019.

How do I hold my drum sticks? 5th August, 2019.

How do I play a smooth drum roll? 18th June, 2019.

How do I spin a drum stick? This short video will get you started! 16th May, 2019.

Are practice pads good for learning drums? 13th April, 2019.

Video Blog Episode 12 - How long does it take to learn the drums? 19th March, 2019.

Video Blog Episode 11 - How do I drum faster? 28th February, 2019.

Video Blog Episode 10 - What is Sticking? 11th February, 2019.

Jargon busting! Understanding drum terminology. 30th January, 2019.

Video Blog Episode 9 - What is a click track? 14th January, 2019.

Video Blog Episode 8 - Should drum sticks break? 1st January, 2019.

2018 POSTS.

Video Blog Episode 7 - Which drum sticks should I use? 16th December, 2018.

Video Blog Episode 6 - Is ear protection important? 2nd December, 2018.

Video Blog Episode 5 - How much should I practice? 18th November, 2018.

Video Blog Episode 4 - How do I tune my drums? 7th November, 2018.

Video Blog Episode 3 - Should drumming be painful? 29th October, 2018.

Video Blog Episode 2 - Are the drum set rudiments important? 15th October, 2018.

Video Blog Episode 1 - Why is reading music notation important? 8th October, 2018.

Do Skype drum lessons work? 25th September, 2018.

The Four Keys to Drum Set Musicality. 27th August, 2018.

Do I have time to learn the drums? 17th July, 2018.

How do I get rid of snare buzz? 13th June, 2018.

Yamaha EAD10 Review. An easier way to record drums and publish videos. 7th May, 2018.

What is a drum head, and which ones should I use? 2nd April, 2018.

So you want to play the drums? 3rd March, 2018.

How do I tune a drum set? 6th February, 2018.

How do I assemble a drum set? 4th January, 2018.

2017 POSTS.

Is it OK to simplify drum parts? 29th December, 2017.

How do I make my drums quieter? 8th November, 2017.

Are electronic drums any good? 6th November, 2017.

Why do my cymbals sound bad? 12th September, 2017.

10 bad drumming habits and how to fix them. 20th August, 2017.

Why are some drum sets more expensive than others? 18th August, 2017.

How do I make my drum fills more creative? 10th July, 2017.

How do I drum faster? Why speed is a byproduct of control. 13th June, 2017.

Do I need to learn music notation to play the drums? 16th May, 2017.

Can Drum Ambition help if you are not a beginner? 29th April, 2017.

When is the right time to start playing with other musicians? 31st March, 2017.

What is a click track? 22nd March, 2017.

Overcoming barriers to practice. 9th March, 2017.

Why time keeping is the Number 1 priority for all drummers. 6th February, 2017.

Practice vs Smart Practice, and why "Noodling" is essential. 2nd January, 2017. Continued >

2016 POSTS.

Are online drum lessons a good alternative to visiting a drum teacher? 24th October, 2016.

How to assemble a drum set from the box - A video guide. 28th September, 2016.

What makes Drum Ambition different? 19th September, 2016.

One video every beginner drummer should watch. 29th August, 2016.

10 facts I learned about drums from music retail. 22nd August, 2016.

Video interview with Rich Redmond, Drummer for Jason Aldean. 15th August, 2016.

Developing your weaker hand. 26th July, 2016.

Drum Clinics, Masterclasses and Drum Camps explained. 13th July, 2016.

Should playing the drums be painful? 15th June, 2016.

How important are the Rudiments for beginner drummers? 8th June, 2016.

Popular drum set accessories for beginner drummers. 1st June, 2016.

Should drum sticks break? 23rd May 2016.

Specialist drum stores - Enhancing the drum community. 11th May, 2016.

5 Tips to developing good time keeping. 9th May, 2016.

A guide to buying your first drum set. 2nd May, 2016.

How to a get a great sound from your new drum set. 25th April, 2016.

Blood on the snare drum - The Whiplash myth. 11th April, 2016.

Staying the course when you've hit a plateau. 4th April, 2016.

How long does it take to learn the drums? 28th March, 2016.

5 milestones for beginner and hobbyist drummers. 21st March, 2016.

What can I expect in my first drum lesson? 14th March, 2016.

Do you need a drum set to learn to play? 7th March, 2016.

Combining online drum lessons with a local Drum Teacher. 29th February, 2016.

Buying drum sets online - The five common mistakes to avoid. 22nd February, 2016.

Are you considering drum lessons for children? 16th February, 2016.

Which drum sticks should I use? 10th February, 2016.

How much should I practice? 5 tips to successful development. 3rd February, 2016.

Sound Control - Practical means of controlling drum set volume. 31st January, 2016.

Electronic vs Acoustic drums - choose what's right for you. 31st January, 2016.

What is "sticking" and why is it so important? 31st January, 2016.

Why is reading music important? 31st January, 2016.

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