DRUM AMBITION REVIEWS - What our customers say.

"Brilliant site to use - easy to follow, and Simon is very focused and enjoyable to listen to. So glad I found this site - will dip into it for years to come."

Jude, Drum Ambition Subscriber in the UK.


"I found Drum Ambition to be the most flexible financially, and was not overwhelming in terms of what is offered. All of the lessons are nicely laid out and really easy to navigate.  The system tracks whether you have already viewed a video which is a helpful feature. PDF music sheets can be printed off AND music notation is on the screen while watching a video lesson, which is perfect."

Jodi - Drum Ambition Subscriber in the USA.


"High quality drum lessons for beginners! Simon is a great teacher who communicates the lessons clearly and effectively. Sound and picture quality are top notch, and the overall layout is great. Simon is also there for you as support and is very reliable in getting back to you with any questions you may have - providing detailed responses and answers. Drum Ambition is a great place to learn how to play the drums."

Brian - Drum Ambition Subscriber in the USA.


"Very good online based tuition. Simon explains everything clearly and gets you playing the basics in no time at all. Well laid out and methodical - much better then a lot of sites out there. One of the best parts is Simon's response to any questions you may have. He always gets back to you quickly with in-depth replies. Thoroughly recommended for the beginner drummer."

Lance - Drum Ambition Subscriber in the UK.


"The structure, content and the video lessons themselves (including the Notation and Extras) made it feel like taking personal lessons, and it was not overwhelming. Perfectly arranged, packaged and paced. I'd recommend this site to anyone. A real music education."

Alexander - Drum Ambition Subscriber in the USA.


"I started Drum Ambition just over a month ago. I had never held a drum stick before. Thank you for putting together a terrific program! I have focused on the basics, practicing the music notation videos, the rudiments, posture, watching that "pesky pinky finger", trying to convince my left hand to do what the right does easily and of course counting aloud, and fighting the temptation to go faster….  Your videos are clear, focused, understandable and hugely helpful, so thank you again!"

Betty - Drum Ambition Subscriber in the USA.


"Drum Ambition Rocks!"

Kassie - Drum Ambition Subscriber in the USA.


"My experience has been great. The monthly payments are affordable. Simon has a lot of knowledge, and takes care to follow up on your learning experience. I recommend Drum Ambition."

Celeste - Drum Ambition Subscriber in the USA.


What the Pros Say.

“I was lucky to have a fantastic teacher when I first started who set me on the right path from day one. I owe so much to his advice and guidance and to this day remember all of the things he taught me. The most important factor in learning is a good teacher, and Simon is able to provide his advice and guidance to all beginning drummers with Drum Ambition. Don’t miss out and sign up for everything you need to know to get started with playing the drums!”

Thomas Lang, Drum Legend, Clinician, Educator, Author. Los Angeles USA.


"I have known Simon for over 20 years;  I am proud to see that he has become a very accomplished and respected drummer and drum teacher in San Diego but I'm also honored that Drum Ambition will be a Mike Dolbear affiliated drum school and look forward to working together."

Mike Dolbear, Top UK Drum Educator and Founder of the globally popular website, Mike Dolbear.com.


“Simon is a top notch player, educator, event organizer, and most of all, PERSON! He is a good friend and I would highly recommend him for any professional drumming situation; playing, teaching, as a clinician - anything. He has a really big heart and is a real Pro!”

Gregg Bissonette, Drum Legend, Clinician, Educator, Author, Drummer for Ringo Starr. Los Angeles USA.


“Simon has the skills and knowledge needed to be an excellent communicator. He has a teacher’s heart: kind, giving, caring, patient, methodical. Look no further to get your drumming bug nourished and flourished.”

Rich Redmond, Drummer for Jason Aldean, Platinum Recording Artist, Educator, Clinician, Public Speaker, Author. Nashville USA.


“I can say without question that Simon’s work is totally professional, knowledgeable and caring, due to his enthusiasm and experience with working with drummers in the music industry for many years, and of course being a fine drummer himself.”

Mark Brzezicki, Drummer for Big Country, UK Drum Legend. London UK.


"Simon is a world-class educator. His teaching abilities transcend music. He truly understands the psychology of his students, and he introduces concepts at precisely the right time. He is kind and thoughtful during his interactions with students."

Troy Molsberry, Drum Corps International (DCI) Individuals Solo Champion 1992, USC Jazz Studies, Percussion Institute of Technology (PIT), Guitar Center Drum-Off Finalist 2009.



“Simon is a top notch musician who is organized, dedicated, and passionate about what he does. Each lesson brings me a step closer to becoming a well-rounded drummer. I not only consider Simon my drum teacher, but my music mentor as well, and I highly recommend him - you will not be disappointed.”

Simona Vackova, Drum Student. San Diego USA.


“Highly skilled as both a drummer and an instructor. You can’t help but realize after your very first lesson with Simon that he loves what he does.”

Micah Johnson, Drum Student. Nashville USA.


“Taking drum lessons with Simon is an enriching experience. His attention to detail is amazing. I have accomplished a long time personal goal, and I am certain that others will be able to as well. Simon is an exceptional music teacher, and an even better partner in one’s drumming journey.”

Michele Chang, Drum Student. San Diego USA.


“Simon is an absolutely superb drum teacher. His combination of knowledge, fun, professionalism, and the eloquence to bring everything together in a way that makes sense is what makes his lessons so useful and effective.”

Chris Winery, Drum Student. San Diego USA.


“I am hooked on drumming and making progress that I never expected. Plus I can count with a British accent!”

Tom Flannagan, Drum Student. San Diego USA.

Your drumming adventure awaits.