Technical Help

With so many different devices, browsers and networks, sometimes things can go wrong. We're here to help if it does. Just open up the blue conversation icon in the lower right of your screen, and we'll do our best to come back to you promptly within our support hours of 9am-9pm Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8), 7 days a week.

Selected video not available, and returning viewer to Dashboard.

Although rare, this can sometimes occur on certain web-browsers when a video has been selected, but the viewer is not logged-in. (For example, an expired web session). The good news is that this situation usually resolves itself within 10 minutes. Please refresh your web browser, and try again after this time. Since this issue is browser specific, try logging in and watching on a different device if you don't wish to wait.

Video playback is too fast.

If this is happening on your device, open the settings in the video player, and select the desired playback speed. (Click the lower right of the player to display the settings option). The normal playback speed is 1x.

Video Buffering.

This is caused by slow local internet or cell connections. If you are experiencing streaming issues, lowering the resolution of the video can help. Open the settings in the video player, and select the desired picture quality.

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