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  1. Should drum sticks break? (2021 – Updated)

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    In your early drum lessons, you will soon learn that having good technique can prolong the life of your drum sticks. It can be an inconvenient and costly affair if you regularly break them. Drum sticks are considered consumables because they need to be replaced at somewhat regular intervals. With the average cost of a pair of drum sticks being around $10, it’s certainly not something we should let happen too often. Some common scenarios lead to frequent breakage. Some… Read More

  2. Drum stick selection – 5 Essential Facts

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    As a beginner drummer, you will most likely have some questions on drum stick selection. Drum sticks are, after all, the tools of the trade.  It’s true that your drumming buddies, celebrity drummers and drum teachers will all have a view on their favorite brands, stick weights and features, but the most important thing to consider, is what is comfortable and right for you, and this article will help identify some important considerations. In the latest of our 5 Essential… Read More