1. Do I need to learn music notation to play the drums?

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    Is it worth learning to read music to play the drums? Will reading music notation make me a better drummer? Is it hard to learn to read music and what are the benefits? These are common questions that I am asked on a daily basis at my drum studio in San Diego. This brief article should be a helpful reference for both beginner drummers, and those with more experience. My view on this has always been consistent. Learning to read… Read More

  2. Can Drum Ambition help if you are not a beginner?

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    Perhaps you are one of the many self-taught drummers who never took formal instruction, or perhaps you have already dabbled with a few drum lessons. If you are interested in embellishing your existing talent by working on the fundamentals of reading, sticking, counting, dynamics and control, then Drum Ambition can help you improve. We do this using our structured curriculum, that you can access on all devices 24/7 – on your own schedule. Read on to see how we can… Read More