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  1. Cymbals – 5 Essential Facts

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    Cymbals are essential tools of the trade for drummers. They come in various weights and sizes and provide expansive musical opportunities. They play an important role in crafting drum beats, accentuating parts, and setting the musical mood. Whether they are purchased in boxed sets or individually selected with care; your cymbal sound, and how you apply them to your music can help define you as a musician. 1) Most common cymbal types. When starting out on the drums, you ideally… Read More

  2. 10 facts I learned about drums from music retail

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    Prior to becoming an online and studio drum teacher, I had a solid background in music retail. In the mid-1990’s I started working in a drum shop in the UK. I began as a part-time sales advisor and in-house teacher, and worked myself up to the position of General Manager. Working in the drum retail business was a real education, and I was surprised about how much I didn’t know about drums, cymbals and percussion equipment. Here are 10 facts that I… Read More