1. Sound Control. Ways to make drum practice quieter (2021 – Updated)

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    We’ve all had to find ways to get creative with our spare time, especially in the last year. Many people are finally getting to spend time on new skills and hobbies, and learning the drums has become a popular pastime for people worldwide. However, with so many people having to work and study from home, the prospect of introducing a drum set into the mix can have its concerns, and it usually comes down to one thing. Noise.  One of… Read More

  2. How do I make my drums quieter?

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    One of the biggest concerns for many aspiring drummers is the unescapable fact that drums are loud! Electronic drums are great but are not for everyone, and unless you have the luxury of a large property or a sound proof room, your drums and cymbals are likely to be heard around the house. Sound proofing is uneconomical and largely ineffective unless you have the big bucks to do it right, and practice pad sets that emit no sound at all… Read More

  3. Popular drum set accessories for beginner drummers

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    Buying your first drum set online or in a local drum store is an exciting moment. The myriad of drum set accessories available is also quite impressive, albeit a little intimidating at times. In my early career, I used to run one of the UK’s top specialist drum stores, and routinely helped new drummers on all aspects of buying drums and related accessories. I have outlined ten popular options below – some are fun, and some are just practical. Some are… Read More