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  1. How to get a great sound from your new drum set (2021 – Updated)

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    Buying your first drum set is an exhilarating moment, and the day those boxes arrive at your door is one you’ll never forget. To be truly inspired to play an instrument, it has to sound good, and this is where some beginner drummers need a little help. Your new drums may need to be assembled from the box, including drum head fitting and tuning, or you may have purchased a pre-owned drum set that needs some TLC. Some low maintenance… Read More

  2. The Bass Drum – 5 Essential Facts

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    The bass drum (also known as the kick drum) is the largest drum in your set, and is played using a bass drum pedal. Like most drums, they come in a variety of different sizes, shell types and setups, and this article highlights five essential facts that every drummer should know to get the best out of their foot powered boom maker! If you need help understanding any of the terms in this article, you can view our free and… Read More