1. What are drum fills, and how do I make them more creative? (2021 – Updated)

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    If you are a beginner drummer or interested in learning the drums, you will come across the terms “beats” and “fills” all of the time. A drumbeat is a generic term for the rhythmic pattern being played in a song, and this is a fairly straightforward concept to grasp. But what on earth is a drum fill, where are they used, and how do beginner drummers (and more experienced drummers, for that matter) develop them into a tasteful and musical… Read More

  2. The Four Keys to Drum Set Musicality

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    In this blog, we examine what exactly makes a musical drummer. You don’t need a degree in music, you don’t need decades of listening to multiple drummers, and you don’t need years of playing experience to attain basic drum set musicality. There is no secret sauce, just a simple understanding of four key areas. At Drum Ambition, we like to call them the Four Keys to Drum Set Musicality, and they are: Understanding Rhythm. Developing Control. Adding Dynamics. Applying Rudiments.… Read More