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  1. How long does it take to learn the drums? (2021 – Updated)

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    The idea of learning any musical instrument, including the drums, can be a little daunting when starting. But fear not! Once you dive a little deeper, you’ll find that it’s all about how you approach it, using the resources available to you, and making sure that you have help available when you need it.  The reality is that small amounts of practice can make a big difference when learning the drums. This is great news for aspiring drummers and hobbyists… Read More

  2. How much should I practice drums? 5 tips for successful development (2021 – Updated)

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    When it comes to practicing drums, did you know that just a few minutes of regular practice per day can make a big difference over time? This is great news for anyone who wants to start rocking out to their favorite tunes but has a busy life, limited practice time, or too many other distractions. It’s all about establishing good habits, having a plan, managing expectations, and above everything else, having fun. When we designed Drum Ambition, we understood that… Read More

  3. The Ultimate Survival Guide for Beginner Drummers – Available Now

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    We are delighted to announce the release of our latest book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for Beginner Drummers, available now as an instant download. For a limited time, subscribers to our Pro or Rockstar plan will receive a free copy of the book. Written by our Founder, Simon DasGupta, this comprehensive, easy to read, and beautifully illustrated book is the result of his two decades of experience in teaching, and selling drums. Simon discussed the project in this short video.… Read More

  4. Video Blog Episode 12 – How long does it take to learn the drums?

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    How long it takes to learn the drums depends very much on your personal goals. If your goal is to play basic beats and fills, and play along with slow to mid-tempo songs, then just 5-10 minutes of focused practice per day will get you there after a few weeks of playing. Like any musical instrument, you get out what you put in, and your practice time, and the quality of practice will ultimately lead to the fulfillment of your… Read More

  5. Do I have time to learn the drums?

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    If you are considering online drum lessons, or classes in-person with a local drum teacher, then you have most likely wondered if you have the time to learn. We all lead very busy lives. Our down time is usually a premium, and often at the cost of another endeavor. Not having time is one of the most common objections when undertaking a new hobby or interest. What if I told you that you could learn the drums on your schedule?… Read More

  6. So you want to play the drums?

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    Are you one of the many people who love music, and find yourself irresistibly drawn to the beat? Have you ever thought about playing the drums, creating the rhythm, and driving a band of your own? Or do you need a fun hobby that inspires, challenges, and reduces the blood pressure after a stressful day? Whether your goal is to give something new a try, fulfill a long term goal, or total world domination, your drumming adventure starts here. If you… Read More