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  1. 5 Ways to improve your snare drum sound

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    Having a great snare drum sound is essential for any recording or touring drummer, but it is equally important for beginner and hobbyist drummers too. Why? Having an instrument that sounds good, is appealing to the ear and produces a desirable tone is quite simply more inspiring, and enjoyable to play. For friends and family that are going on this journey with you, it’s a lot more pleasant on their ears too. Few things disrupt the peaceful dynamic of the… Read More

  2. The Snare Drum – 5 Essential Facts

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    Your snare drum is the workhorse of your drum set. Along with your bass drum, you will most likely play this drum more than any other on your set, so understanding the components and nuances of your trustee back-beater is essential! If any of the names and terms below are new to you, we have a helpful glossary, perfect for jargon busting! Helpful related articles. Jargon busting! Understanding drum terminology. How do I get rid of snare buzz? What is… Read More