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  1. 5 Milestones for beginner and hobbyist drummers (2021 – Updated)

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    We all have different goals when learning to play the drums. For some, it’s about starting a new hobby for fun, stress relief, or perhaps fulfilling a long-term goal or aspiration. For others, it might be to learn a song by a favorite band, play with other musician friends, or even the start of a serious professional endeavor.  When you are learning the drums, every day can bring something new and exciting. Whether it’s learning a variation of a drum… Read More

  2. Best Online Drum Lessons

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    If you are searching for the best online drum lessons for beginners, we would very much like to show you some free drum lesson videos to see if we might be a good fit for you. New drummers in over 40 countries trust Drum Ambition to help them get started, and take the next steps. We think we can help you too. Drum Ambition consists of 5 Modules, featuring 100 videos, thoughtfully structured for beginner drummers. Our short videos (usually… Read More