1. Jargon busting! Understanding drum terminology (2022 – Updated)

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    There is no doubt that the world of drums, percussion, and music, in general, is filled with many weird and wonderful words. It can be daunting but don’t worry. Our free glossary is here to help! A drum head is the new accepted term for what we once called a drum skin. You tighten your drum heads by adjusting the tension bolts, and you fit the head onto the bearing edge of your drum shell. That one paragraph alone has… Read More

  2. Getting Support When You Need It (2022 – Updated)

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    When learning the drums with Drum Ambition, you are not alone. All plans come with live chat and email support. This collection of popular articles answers many frequently asked questions on how Drum Ambition supports the drumming community. Articles. How Drum Ambition offers support and guidance. 13th January 2022. When is the right time to start playing with other musicians? 11th February 2022. Jargon Busting! Understanding drum terminology. 24th January 2022. What makes Drum Ambition different? 13th January 2022. Are… Read More