FaceTime drum lessons

  1. Do Zoom drum lessons work?

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    Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, more people are researching whether or not Zoom lessons are a good option for learning to play the drums. We actually wrote in detail about the pros and cons of this type of drum instruction in our September 2018 feature, Do Skype Lessons Work? While we referenced Skype as the video medium in this piece, it is relevant to Zoom, FaceTime, and every other live video service. This article was written long before Covid-19, and… Read More

  2. Do Skype drum lessons work?

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    It’s wonderful to see more and more hobbyists leveraging modern technology to get access to drum lessons. Video lessons and online instruction have solved some of the biggest obstacles for students, particularly in terms of cost, availability and the logistics of attending lessons. Video instruction is fast evolving as a practical alternative to visiting a teacher, and many students are using Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, and an ever growing number of other conferencing platforms to interact with teachers. It seems a… Read More