1. Are practice pads good for learning drums?

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    You’ve had your first drum lesson, and are itching to get home and practice your first beat or rudiment. Or perhaps you just watched an online video and are ready to get to work! The problem is, you have nothing to practice on. It’s too soon to run out to the music store, or make a potentially expensive online drum set purchase, so your teacher has suggested a strange little device called a practice pad. It’s a curious rubber pad… Read More

  2. What is a drum head, and which ones should I use?

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    The wonderful world of drumming is rich with amazing names and descriptors; from the triple flanged hoops on your fusion toms, to the Moongel on your snare drum head. Fortunately, Drum Ambition subscribers have access to a full glossary, made up of our Founder’s 20 years of experience in drums and percussion, including a long period of time managing a retail drum store. Drum heads can be a source of confusion for the beginner and hobbyist drummer, but don’t worry… Read More