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  1. Drum Ambition launches Module 4

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    We have expanded our critically acclaimed curriculum of online drum lessons with the launch of a fourth Module. This new Module adds another 10 video lessons to our curriculum, and further enhances our goal to be the best place to learn drums online. Building thoughtfully on the foundation learned in Modules 1-3, we focus on adding off-beat snare drum to our beats. This musical and fun style of playing is used all the time in most genres of music, and… Read More

  2. Are online drum lessons a good alternative to visiting a teacher?

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    This is a question that is commonly asked by potential drum students when researching drum lessons. Given as Drum Ambition is a provider of online drum lessons, you might expect our answer to be an unequivocal “yes”. The reality, however, is something a little more balanced, as the answer to this question very much depends upon your personal circumstances. Drum Ambition is backed by a bricks and mortar teaching business in San Diego, California. In this teaching studio, I routinely… Read More