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  1. One video every beginner drummer should watch (2021 – Updated)

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    As a beginner drummer starting this great adventure, you will have many questions on the basics of drumming. How do I hold my drum sticks? How should I play the bass drum pedal? Am I sitting correctly behind the drum set? Is my drum set positioned correctly? It’s always a great idea to regularly review fundamentals to develop effective techniques and good playing habits. We put this video together to help you with four areas that we are commonly asked… Read More

  2. How do I hold my drum sticks?

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    Why is it important to hold our drum sticks in a certain way? Simply put, we need to develop full control of our playing if our goal is to play the drums competently, and how we hold our sticks is a big part of that. But most importantly, you will have a lot more fun with this instrument when you spend time on this, because control is the key to musicality, dynamics (how hard, or soft we play), speed and… Read More