Are you one of the many people who love music, and find yourself irresistibly drawn to the beat? Have you ever thought about playing the drums, creating the rhythm, and driving a band of your own? Or do you need a fun hobby that inspires, challenges, and reduces the blood pressure after a stressful day? Whether your goal is to give something new a try, fulfill a long term goal, or total world domination, your drumming adventure starts here. If you want to give it a go, but are worried about time, noise, cost, or you have doubts that you can be a competent drummer, then watch this video, and read on.


So what's stopping you? Here are the most common objections to learning the drums.

"I don't have time."

Like any other musical instrument, learning the drums requires practice. But here's something that might surprise you. Just 5-10 minutes of focussed practice per day is all that is needed to get started. Learning the basics of drums can be done sooner then you might think, as this article explains.

"Drums are too noisy."

There are so many ways to minimize and control noise in this modern age. From electronic drum sets, to drum and cymbal mutes, practice pad sets and more. Don't let this common misconception stop you from having a lot of fun! This article can help. Continued>

"This is an expensive hobby."

It doesn't have to be. A subscription to Drum Ambition is just $14.99 per month, and if you are a beginner drummer, you will find months of helpful, entertaining content. Starter drum sets, whether electronic or acoustic, have never been better value. Plus, to get started, you don't actually need a drum set. Not convinced? Then read this article.

"Will I actually be able to do this?"

We all have heart beats, and we all move naturally to rhythm. It therefore makes sense that, with a little guidance, we can create and produce rhythm. If you follow each of our videos, pay attention to the fundamentals and practice 5-10 minutes a day, then you can totally do this.

"There are too many instructional videos on the internet. It's overwhelming."

Some are great, some are good, and some are just plain bad - but there is another way. Our critically acclaimed videos have been thoughtfully created, and are a direct result of 20 years of teaching experience. If you want to get away from the minefield of online search, and get structured, fun and entertaining content with full support, then look no further then Drum Ambition. We want to create an unparalleled learning experience for beginner drummers, and our customers think we're on the right track! Continued>

About Us.

Drum Ambition specializes in helping people just like you learn the drums. We guide you step by step through this incredible journey, and provide full support along the way. Whether it's our structured video curriculum, weekly email hints, or a video chat with our Founder and Presenter, Simon DasGupta; you are never on your own. Read more about what we like to call "The Drum Ambition Difference" here.

Want to give it a try? Then join us today, and start the journey of a lifetime. If you have any questions, please feel free to email [email protected].

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