When taking beginner online drum lessons, it is always a great idea to review basic fundamentals regularly, to make sure that you are developing effective technique and good playing habits. Your progress on the drum set will depend largely on practice and repetition, and we put this video together to help you with four areas that we are commonly asked about: Grip, Bass Drum Technique, Set-Up and Posture.

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Join Us.

We'll show you a practical grip to use to start your drumming adventure (00:29), two popular beginner bass drum techniques (09:29), and we also answer some very common questions on the positioning of your drum set, and a recommended posture for playing safely and efficiently (16:07).


Do bear in mind that these topics are quite subjective, and your drum teacher, if you are working with one, may have a different view on what is best for you at this stage.

The techniques used in this video have helped successfully develop hundreds of students at our teaching facility in San Diego, and subscribers worldwide on Drum Ambition. If you are not currently working with a local drum teacher, we recommend that you read this article.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email [email protected].

Simon DasGupta.

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