Module 5 Lessons

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  1. -11:36
    Lesson 1

    8th Note Beats. Hi Hat Upbeats

    After a quick chat on the goals of Module 5, we get straight into a new style. In this first lesson, Simon introduces you to the…
  2. -10:48
    Lesson 2

    Popular 16th note Hi Hat Groupings with Closed Sticking

    Throughout our previous Modules, you have seen many examples of 8th note and 16th note grooves - the very foundation of countless songs. For the first…
  3. -12:18
    Lesson 3

    Popular 16th note Hi Hat Groupings with Open Sticking

    Sometimes the tempo of the song dictates that we have to play faster. Closed sticking can have its limitations at higher tempos, and that's when open…
  4. -14:18
    Lesson 4

    8th Note Beats. Adding drags to grooves

    In this lesson, we say hello to our old friend, the rudimental drag. Having learned about them in this Special Feature Video, we have previously seen…
  5. -15:40
    Lesson 5

    8th Note Beats. Swung grooves with offbeat snare drum

    For the first time, Simon discusses what makes a regular 8th note groove straight or swung. It's a critical part of your musical awareness, as songs…
  6. -11:26
    Lesson 6

    8th Note Beats. Swung grooves with offbeat snare and 16th note bass drum

    Now you have the basic concept down, it's time to throw in 16th note bass drum notes to create some killer grooves. As usual, we ease…
  7. -9:23
    Lesson 7

    16th Note Beats. Swung grooves

    Having spent time on the last two videos, you should now be ready to accept the next challenge! Swinging a 16th note groove is a milestone…
  8. -9:08
    Lesson 8

    Jazz. An Introduction

    It's really important that, as musical drummers, we have an understanding of what a basic jazz beat is. We can't master this genre in one video,…
  9. -11:00
    Lesson 9

    Triplet Beats. An Introduction

    With so many popular songs written with triplet based drum beats, it's essential to have a basic understanding of this style. Examining the form, counting and…
  10. -12:19
    Lesson 10

    16th Note Triplets. An Introduction

    In the final lesson of the Module, Simon explains how to identify, read and count the most popular 16th note Triplet groupings. This is a new…

Module 5 Music Notation

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  1. -0:50
    Notation 1

    Music Notation for Module 5

    In this short video, Simon explains why the majority of music notation needed to complete this Module is already covered in Module 1. We do introduce…