It's fair to say that life for many of us has been extremely challenging recently. On a positive note, many people are turning to online lessons to learn a new skill, realize a lifelong ambition, or just pass the time in a fun and entertaining way.

The drums are indeed an awesome instrument to learn, and there is no doubt that aside from the musical skills learned, there is also an element of stress relief to beat making. Online platforms as a means of learning a new skill have been around for years, but the recent pandemic has made consumers more aware of what is at their fingertips. For those of you who are interested in learning the drums during this time, and in the coming months, there are still three distinct options.

Firstly, it should be noted that not owning a drum set should not stop you from learning to play, as this article discusses.

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Study online using video lessons

Our curriculum of 75 videos has been designed so you can learn to play the drums from the comfort of your own home. Our homepage features over 45 minutes of instruction so you can check out our approach risk free, and from there, we offer three flexible subscription options if you want to dive deeper. The main benefits of online video lessons are that you can study at your own pace in your own comfortable environment, take your time working through free content to see if the drums are a good fit for you, and then choose a subscription plan that suits your needs. When it comes to online drum lessons, we can definitely help you start out on your adventure. With customers in over 21 countries, and many reviews from satisfied customers, we continue to set the standard in video drum lessons for beginners; placing a huge emphasis on fun, structure, and attainable goals. If you want to check-in via video chat with a real human (that's me) to discuss your progress and set goals, we offer that too through our Pro and Rockstar Plans.

Study online - Live lessons with a teacher

Many drum teachers are turning to Zoom and other platforms to teach their students face to face. Providing the teacher has a set-up that can effectively demonstrate all of the techniques you are going to need to learn, this can be a great way of learning, building a relationship with a teacher, and getting real-time personalized critique. It's important to understand the possible limitations of these sessions, but at Drum Ambition, we always champion the great benefits of working one-to-one with a qualified drum teacher.

Visit a teacher

For the coming months, visiting a teacher at a studio, or having a Teaching Professional visit your home will almost certainly take on a new dynamic. With social distancing recommendations and other precautions in place, these sessions may become more challenging, at least for a while. At Drum Ambition, we have a physical teaching studio in San Diego, California. Like many teaching businesses, our doors have sadly been closed since mid-March, and there is a question on when we will reopen, and what the requirements will be for a safe, productive environment. It's worth reaching out to local teachers to find out what they are doing to make their studios and facilities compliant with the guidelines in your specific area. Now more than ever, supporting local drum teachers is very important, and it's critical that we continue to use our local professionals when it becomes safe to do so.

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