The idea of learning any musical instrument, including the drums, can be a little daunting when starting. But fear not! Once you dive a little deeper, you'll find that it's all about how you approach it, using the resources available to you, and making sure that you have help available when you need it. 

The reality is that small amounts of practice can make a big difference when learning the drums. This is great news for aspiring drummers and hobbyists who want to see results quickly, and above all, want to have fun learning a musical instrument. How fast you progress on the drums depends on your goals, available practice time, and a structured plan. This is where we can help. Before we go into more detail, you may be interested to know that there is a video blog on this topic, and you'll see the link below. Here, you'll get a quick overview and a chance to meet Simon, your presenter, guide, and instructor in-waiting.

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What are your goals?

If your goal is to play for fun, start a new hobby, or perhaps even help with some much-needed stress relief, this can be achieved significantly quicker than if your goal was complete mastery and world domination. Even if your goal is the latter, your success will depend on building a solid foundation, and we designed Drum Ambition to give you just that.

What is Drum Ambition?

Drum Ambition is a comprehensive series of video drum lessons designed specifically for beginner drummers. Our curriculum gives you everything you need to get started, grow, and mature into a competent musical drummer. Our Founder and Presenter, Simon DasGupta, designed the course based on his 20 years of experience in helping drummers achieve their goals.

How long does the course take?

We've written a separate article on this and encourage you to check it out if you are interested in establishing a realistic time frame. Whether you are looking for a short-term subscription to test the water or ready to commit to a longer-term plan, we have options to suit your needs.

Is there help available?

You are not alone on this journey. Aside from access to our full curriculum and all of the resources in our 5 Modules, all subscribers, regardless of your chosen plan, have access by email and Live messaging to Simon. Our videos will give you plenty of useful guidance on practice tips, goals, and formulating a practice plan.

Do you need a drum set to start playing?

You might think so, but many beginner drummers start with improvised drum sets or practice pads. Since the early days of learning to play the drums is all about understanding rhythm and developing coordination, not having a drum set should not deter you from learning. There are definitely benefits to investing in a drum set, though, and we talk about this in more detail in this article. You'll find some useful links on where to buy drum sticks and practice pads, choosing between electronic and acoustic drums, and a guide to buying your first drum set.

We are here to help.

We recommend watching our free videos to see if our approach is a good fit for you. If you have any questions for us, you can start a Live chat with Simon using the blue icon in your screen's lower right. If you prefer, you can email [email protected] with your questions.

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