Why is it important to hold our drum sticks in a certain way? Simply put, we need to develop full control of our playing if our goal is to play the drums competently, and how we hold our sticks is a big part of that. But most importantly, you will have a lot more fun with this instrument when you spend time on this, because control is the key to musicality, dynamics (how hard, or soft we play), speed and efficiency. Now, don't let this overwhelm you. Working on grip is a long-term "work in progress" fundamental that you will naturally develop over time, and fine tune with the right guidance. The reality is that you can have a lot of fun learning beats and drum fills without too much initial exposure to this.

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I am often asked for tips on the best way to hold drum sticks, as you would imagine. In fact, just like many other areas of drumming and music, this is quite a subjective topic. The reality is that you could go to five different drum teachers, and come away with five different answers on which is the best grip to use. Matched grip, Traditional grip, German, French, American? What's the difference, and why does it matter?

Don't worry! Drum Ambition is here to do what we do best - break this down in to understandable, realistic and manageable nuggets for you. The good news is that I have taught thousands of hours of lessons at my drum studio in San Diego, and I was myself, albeit many years ago now, a beginner drummer. I have also had many drum lessons with lots of qualified and gifted teachers, all of whom had different opinions on what seems like such as simple key fundamental. Over this time, I have recognized that while there is no actual right or wrong in this discussion, there is one grip in particular that helped me immensely, and has helped just about every student I have taught over my twenty year teaching adventure.

Back when I was learning the drums (I hate to say it - before the internet. There is a reason for my gray hairs...) we had to rely on pictures in books, or at least hope that we had been correctly practicing what our teachers were showing us in our drum lessons. It's 2019! Diagrams and photographs have their limitations, so there is a video that we have created to help you through this, and you can watch it here, absolutely free.  This video is called "One video every beginner drummer should watch", and covers everything from grip, how to position your drums, the recommended posture to use, and a couple of useful techniques for starting out on the bass drum pedal. If you find this video helpful, then you might want to view our curriculum too, and consider if a Drum Ambition subscription might be a good fit for you.

Where to buy drum sticks.

In our videos, Simon uses the Vic Firth 5A wood tip model. We've included links below so that you can purchase these sticks if you can't make it in to your friendly local drum store. As an associate of Amazon.com, we may make a commission if you choose to buy these products here.

Vic Firth 5A wood tip.

Vic Firth 5A nylon tip.

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