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Our short (usually around 10 minutes), thoughtfully paced videos are the ultimate resource for beginner drummers, as well as more experienced hobbyists that want to improve and revisit the essential fundamentals. Learn with confidence using a fun and structured curriculum, with full support every step of the way. Every Drum Ambition plan comes with a Happiness Guarantee!

"I feel more confident as a drummer after 1 month of Drum Ambition than I did after 4+ months of alternatives."

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How it works.

This short introduction video shares a little about our background, and how we have developed Drum Ambition based on over 20 years of helping drum students achieve their goals.


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Module 1. The Essentials! 20 Videos.

Module 1. Lesson 1. Your first drum beat! This video sets you off on your journey of beat creation, and you'll get a good feel for our step-by-step approach, comfortable pace, and attention to detail.


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Module 1. Learning Music Notation. 10 Videos.

Module 1. Notation Lesson 1. This is your first step to understanding the language of music.


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Module 2. The Next Step! 10 Videos.

Module 2. Lesson 1. Building upon the drum fills you will learn in Module 1, this next step provides the tools you need to develop a variety of musical drum fills that you can use in songs.


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Module 3. Mastering the Bass Drum. 10 Videos.

Module 3. Lesson 1. These videos will greatly expand your drum beat library by adding more musical and challenging bass drum patterns to the beats we show you in Module 1. Perfect for playing along to more complex songs!


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Module 4. Putting It All Together! 10 Videos.

Module 4. Lesson 1. Armed with your new groove arsenal from Module 3, we add off-beat snare drum to give you some superb musical options that are played in most genres of music.


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Module 5. Expanding on Grooves! 10 Videos.

Module 5. Lesson 1. Building upon the foundation you have learned in the first 4 Modules, we cover some more popular beats that are essential for every drummer to know.


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Special Feature Videos. 25 Videos.

Part 13. Is reading music notation important? This series of videos supplements all of the Modules, and has important information on technique, equipment, rudiments, and frequently asked questions. Some are informal chats, and many have detailed demonstrations.


How long does the course take?

Preview. The Ultimate Survival Guide for Beginner Drummers.

In this short video, Simon explains the thought behind his book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for Beginner Drummers, available for purchase in the Kindle Store.


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All subscriptions come with Live Chat and email support, and our Pro Plan includes an optional monthly video chat with Simon.

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