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What makes Drum Ambition different?

Drum Ambition is a collection of short drum lessons (approximately 10 minutes each) delivered by one teacher: Simon DasGupta. It is not a collection of hundreds of hours of confusing footage, with multiple instructors, and multiple levels. We tailor our lessons for the beginner drummer, and hobbyist drummers who wish to fine tune the basics. We are a bricks and mortar drum teaching business based in San Diego USA, and have a track record of successfully developing drum students. Our goal is to simplify the learning process, by delivering structured, entertaining content - delivered with the highest quality production, while providing great value. Furthermore, we emphasize continually the value of working with a local instructor, and can connect you with local professionals when the time is right, through Drum Ambition Connect. You can read more on the Drum Ambition Difference here.


What is featured in the Drum Ambition Curriculum?

Full details of what you can expect to find and achieve are listed here.

What other information is available, other than the actual tuition videos?

Drum Ambition is a great resource for beginner drummers. As well as the videos there are downloadable PDF files containing sheet music for all lessons, additional audio-files for select lessons with accompanying sheet music, comprehensive and helpful blog content, and an ever expanding glossary of terms. Depending on your subscription type, members also receive regular emails with topics that are useful to beginner drummers, and also receive full support.


Why don’t I just search through the free content available online?

You could do that - and there is plenty of good footage on the internet generally. However, we believe that there are prospective drum students who may not want to spend hours finding relevant content, or just don’t have the time to sift through the good, the bad, and often, the ugly! Drum Ambition is tailor made for beginners - structured, methodical, entertaining, professionally produced, and great value. Why look anywhere else?


I am not a beginner. Can I still benefit from Drum Ambition?

Absolutely. Many drummers come to our physical teaching studio in San Diego because they can play competently, but never learned to read or count music, or never learned stick control concepts. Drum Ambition gets you started reading music notation from lesson one, and the music notation videos show you not only how to read and count, but how to develop sticking for efficient, musical drumming. This article can help you determine if we are a good fit for you.


How long does it take to learn the drums?

This is an interesting question, and the answer is dependent on several factors. We suggest you refer to our blog for more information. The basics can be achieved quickly, by following a low maintenance practice routine.


Are there any free videos available?

Absolutely. We are proud of our content and we want you to get a feel for whether Drum Ambition is right for you. Drum Set Lesson 1 and Music Notation Lesson 1 are both free, as is the title One Video Every Beginner Drummer Should Watch. No sign-up is necessary and there is no need to provide an email address. We want to make this is easy as possible.


Is there support available?

Yes. Depending on your subscription type, your Drum Ambition membership comes with full email and/or video chat support. We guarantee a 24 hour or less turnaround time for support emails, and can pre-arrange video chat consultations at your convenience. Pro and Rockstar members will also receive regular emails on topics that are relevant to beginner drummers, that are not available in our public blogs.


I have no experience and no coordination. Can I still do this?

Yes! We created Drum Ambition for people like you! Plus, you are probably more coordinated than you might think - it’s just a case of getting our brains to think in a different way. Coordination is learned by understanding rhythm - which is learned through counting, and assigning tasks to different limbs. All of this is covered at length in the videos, and is actually a lot of fun to learn by practice, repetition and, (shock, horror) - making mistakes!


I really don’t want to learn the reading. Will I still be able to understand the videos?

Yes. We understand that, despite the benefits, some people don’t want to learn to read music. While we will always maintain the importance of learning to read, we have crafted and explained the video content in a way that you can easily follow and understand. During the videos, music notation will appear on the screen, with a scrolling bar to guide you. This is very useful to see, even if you don’t want to dive too deeply into music notation. There is downloadable sheet music to accompany every lesson, should you choose to use it. If you are not sure about the benefits of learning music notation, this video can help.


What are the benefits of learning to read music notation?

We cover this in more detail in this free video. It really does help, and it may not be quite the undertaking you might think. Learning to read music also shows you how to count music, and gives you an insight into building control. It is a real step in the right direction of becoming a musical drummer, and pretty important if you want to communicate effectively and accurately with other musicians. Also, you will be able to understand the content of many of the books, dvd’s and online services available to you.


Do I need a drum set to be able to learn from Drum Ambition?

It is certainly much more fun to practice these exercises on a drum set. The reality of the early days of drumming is that it is mostly about building co-ordination. In this respect, you actually don’t need a drum set to practice the exercises you see on Drum Ambition. Air drumming is definitely not as fun, but it will help you build co-ordination, especially if you are reading and counting the music as you learn. There are limitations of course, and it is definitely preferable to get a set. You can always invest in a practice pad to start with. We have a blog on this subject for further information.


What happens if I am a left handed drummer?

No problem, but we do recommend that you read this blog. Drum Ambition videos are presented from a right-handed drummer’s perspective, and the accompanying music notation exercises also follow this form. It is strongly recommended that left handed drummers try and play a right handed set up, since this has many benefits to you in developing your weaker limb, and gives you access to some very interesting playing options. You can still choose to play using a left handed set up, and this will involve reversing the drum set, and all of the drum set notation exercises.


I have gone through all of the lessons on Drum Ambition. What do I do next?

If you are going through all of the videos and audio files, and you are supplementing them with good practice time; it should be a few months or longer before you have completed the content of Module 1. Of course, everyone is different in respect to available viewing and practice time, so this will differ on an individual basis. Depending on your subscription type, video chat is available, so additional exercises can be assigned to you as and when you need them. You can unsubscribe from your membership while you wait for the next available modules, or use Drum Ambition Connect to connect you with a local drum teacher.


How old should children be in order to learn the drums?

This is a good question, and has many implications. We suggest you refer to our blog on this subject.


There are terms I hear used that I do not understand. Is there help available with this?

Absolutely. For our members, there is a comprehensive glossary of terms available on this website, made up of original content written for Drum Ambition. If this does not sufficiently address your query, you can email [email protected], and we will happy to answer any questions you may have. There are also multiple blog entries that may help provide some clarification.


Is it worth contacting a local drum teacher to further develop my drum education?

Drum Ambition has been designed to give you the experience of a one to one drum lesson. We are backed by a bricks and mortar teaching studio in San Diego, and are a big advocate of supporting local teachers. When you are ready to find a teacher, we can help you with our service Drum Ambition Connect™. Additionally, This blog outlines the many benefits of working with a teacher.


Are online drum lessons a good alternative to working with a drum teacher?

It depends on your personal circumstances. Many people don't have access to a local teacher, don't have the time to visit a studio, can't justify the hourly rate or simply haven't made up their minds if they want to take this step. Online lessons are a great alternative in this respect. If you are working with a teacher, Drum Ambition is a perfect low-cost supplement to help prepare you for what is ahead, and get the most out of your drum lessons. This blog provides more information.


I want to play, but I am worried about noise. Is there any way around this?

This is less of an issue with the introduction of electronic drums and sound control options; many of which are low-cost solutions.


What is the average length of each video lesson?

There are currently over 40 videos available. Drum Ambition Module One consists of 30 videos, of which the average length is approximately ten minutes. In addition to these 30 core videos, we have 13 Special Feature Videos, running from 5-10 minutes each.


What happens with my personal information that is collected by Drum Ambition?

The only personal information collected by Drum Ambition is your email address. We never pass on this information to third parties, and you can opt out of email contact at any time. Your personal information for payment is handled by STRIPE, a secure payment company. For more details on your privacy and secure payments, click here.


I have a friend/family member that is interested in learning the drums. Can I gift them a Drum Ambition Membership?

Absolutely! You'll find all of the details you need right here.


I live outside the USA. Can I still join?

Yes! Due to the wonders of the internet, Drum Ambition is available worldwide. For details on International subscriptions and current rates, click here.


How do I unsubscribe from Drum Ambition?

We'll be sorry to see you go, but we hope to see you again as we add new content. We promise not to make it difficult. Just click on "My Account" and click the big yellow unsubscribe button.

Your drumming adventure awaits.