Drum Ambition Connect™

Local drum teachers are the cornerstone of the drum education community. At Drum Ambition, we are not here to compete with drum teachers - we are here to work with them, and support them. In doing this, we are making sure you receive the best education possible. 

We want to highlight the importance and the benefits of working with local teachers to help you achieve your goals. Video drum lessons are a great facility to get you started and supplement your learning experience, but nothing beats sitting and learning with a local drum teacher. We know this all too well at Drum Ambition, as we are backed by a bricks and mortar teaching business.

We want to actively assist you in finding teachers in your area. This website will provide you with months of practice material if used correctly, but we also recommend that you consider seeking the guidance of a teacher who can sit with you one-on-one, and fine tune the process for you. Working with a teacher can be an enlightening and rewarding experience.

Open exclusively to our subscribers; Drum Ambition Connect™ is a service that connects you with Drum Teachers in your area, when you are comfortable and ready to make that step. Just email [email protected] with a brief message confirming your interest, and we will send you a simple, short enquiry form to complete, to make sure we understand all of your needs and requirements.

Please note that at the current time, Drum Ambition Connect™ is available in the USA and UK only. See FAQs for more details.

Your drumming adventure awaits.