1. 5 Ways electronic drums are great for beginner drummers

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    You’ve taken a few online drum lessons, or perhaps connected with a local drum teacher in your area. Now you are ready to take the exciting step of buying your very first drum set. We have previously discussed at length the features and benefits of both electronic and acoustic drums, and this updated article highlights five ways that modern electronic drums are transforming the learning experience for beginner drummers. Helpful related articles. Electronic vs Acoustic Drums – Choose what’s right… Read More

  2. 5 Ways to improve your snare drum sound

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    Having a great snare drum sound is essential for any recording or touring drummer, but it is equally important for beginner and hobbyist drummers too. Why? Having an instrument that sounds good, is appealing to the ear and produces a desirable tone is quite simply more inspiring, and enjoyable to play. For friends and family that are going on this journey with you, it’s a lot more pleasant on their ears too. Few things disrupt the peaceful dynamic of the… Read More

  3. Cymbals – 5 Essential Facts

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    Cymbals are essential tools of the trade for drummers. They come in various weights and sizes and provide expansive musical opportunities. They play an important role in crafting drum beats, accentuating parts, and setting the musical mood. Whether they are purchased in boxed sets or individually selected with care; your cymbal sound, and how you apply them to your music can help define you as a musician. 1) Most common cymbal types. When starting out on the drums, you ideally… Read More

  4. The Ultimate Survival Guide for Beginner Drummers – Available Now

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    We are delighted to announce the release of our latest book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for Beginner Drummers, available now as an instant download. For a limited time, subscribers to our Pro or Rockstar plan will receive a free copy of the book. Written by our Founder, Simon DasGupta, this comprehensive, easy to read, and beautifully illustrated book is the result of his two decades of experience in teaching, and selling drums. Simon discussed the project in this short video.… Read More

  5. The Bass Drum – 5 Essential Facts

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    The bass drum (also known as the kick drum) is the largest drum in your set, and is played using a bass drum pedal. Like most drums, they come in a variety of different sizes, shell types and setups, and this article highlights five essential facts that every drummer should know to get the best out of their foot powered boom maker! If you need help understanding any of the terms in this article, you can view our free and… Read More

  6. The Snare Drum – 5 Essential Facts

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    Your snare drum is the workhorse of your drum set. Along with your bass drum, you will most likely play this drum more than any other on your set, so understanding the components and nuances of your trustee back-beater is essential! If any of the names and terms below are new to you, we have a helpful glossary, perfect for jargon busting! Helpful related articles. Jargon busting! Understanding drum terminology. How do I get rid of snare buzz? What is… Read More

  7. The Top Drum Ambition Blog Topics

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    If you are taking online beginner drum lessons, or are thinking about drumming as a hobby, we have a series of blog articles that can help you. We regularly add new features, and to help identify which ones may be relevant to you, we have compiled this list of the top Drum Ambition blog topics. 2020 POSTS. 5 Ways electronic drums are great for beginner drummers. 26th March, 2020. 5 Ways to improve your snare drum sound. 24th March, 2020.… Read More

  8. Looking for a drum teacher? 10 questions that will help with your search. Part 2.

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    Online video drum lessons are a great way to learn how to play the drums quickly, and on your own terms. There is, however, great value in taking the next step with a reputable drum teacher – someone that can fine tune your specific needs, and help you achieve your goals. While Drum Ambition is a video drum lesson platform formulated specifically for beginner drummers, our Founder and Presenter runs a physical teaching studio in San Diego, and is very… Read More

  9. Looking for a drum teacher? 10 questions that will help with your search. Part 1.

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    Drum Ambition is an online drum lesson platform, but our Founder, Simon DasGupta, also runs a physical teaching studio in San Diego. At this studio, we routinely help students of all levels achieve their goals, and as you can imagine, we’ve learned a lot along the way about those goals, expectations and the individual needs of our students. If you are a regular visitor to this blog or a subscriber to our video lessons, you will already know that we… Read More

  10. The top 5 drum innovations of the last 20 years.

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    We live in a truly inspiring time, where innovation seemingly has no boundaries. While the way we manufacture drums, hardware and cymbals hasn’t changed very much in recent years, there are some outstanding innovations that have reshaped our instrument, and to an extent, our industry. Here are my personal top 5 drum innovations of the last 20 years, based on my experience as a working drummer and educator, as well as drawing on my past experience running one of the… Read More