Perhaps you are one of the many self-taught drummers who never took formal instruction, or perhaps you have already dabbled with a few drum lessons. If you are interested in embellishing your existing talent by working on the fundamentals of reading, sticking, counting, dynamics and control, then Drum Ambition can help you improve. We do this using our structured curriculum, that you can access on all devices 24/7 - on your own schedule. Read on to see how we can help you, and if you still have questions, we are always here to help. Just email [email protected] and we'll answer your questions within 24 hours.

It is true that Drum Ambition has been designed from the ground up for beginner drummers, to walk them seamlessly through the early days of drumming. We do this by focusing on three key areas: grooves, fills and musicality. We are talking about the essential fundamentals of drumming, and these cornerstones are applicable to drummers of all levels.

"When experienced drummers come to us for help, it is usually because they have hit a plateau in their development. More often than not, this is down to a gap in the basic fundamentals of technique, reading and sticking - all of which lead to better control and musicality."

Simon DasGupta - Founder, Drum Ambition.

Drum Ambition is unique in the online drum education world, in that we are actually backed by a bricks and mortar teaching studio in San Diego, California. In our day to day operation, we routinely help drummers of all levels achieve their goals. When experienced drummers come to us for help, it is usually because they have hit a plateau in their development. More often than not, this is down to a gap in the basic fundamentals of technique, reading, and sticking - all of which lead to better control and musicality.

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While Drum Ambition is indeed designed primarily for those starting their drumming adventure, here are five key areas where we can help you if you are more experienced.

Reading Music.

If you are already an experienced drummer, but you have not learned to read music, you are missing out on a massive opportunity. As well as giving you access to thousands of books with fills and grooves that you may never have figured out by yourself, reading music is a superb investment because it will also lead to a better understanding of sticking concepts, and dynamics. So while our video lesson 1 may look easy to a more experienced player, check out the notation on the screen and the downloadable PDF sheet music. If you are not comfortable with reading this notation, then you have a great opportunity to address this. Drum Ambition Module 1 has 20 drum set lessons with written grooves and fills, and 10 music notation videos explaining the music theory in a well presented, logical format. There are 5 Modules in total, with 100 short, perfectly paced videos.

Counting Music. 

Do you understand the counting behind the grooves and fills you are playing? Since understanding rhythm is all about counting, then this is a very important part of being a competent musician. Knowing how to count music will help you learn new grooves and fills, improve your time keeping, figure out complex sections in songs that may have odd time signatures, and can even help you play better with a click track or metronome.


Quite simply put; understanding basic sticking concepts leads to better control. Wonderful things happen on the drum set when you are in control, including better orchestration of drum fills, dynamics, musicality, speed, power and endurance. If you find yourself falling over drum fills or not knowing which hand will play the crash cymbal until the last second, then this is considered an opportunity to improve your control.


A key feature of our platform is that we offer full support. From helping formulate practice routines to answering questions via email and video consultations via Zoom. For experienced players, we can also recommend books and exercises, and even formulate a goal based practice plan around them. We want you to have the experience of a one-to-one drum lesson, at a fraction of the cost.

Fine Tuning Technique, Posture and Positioning your Drums.

Finally, most drummers who already play could always benefit from a little "tune-up" in terms of their grip, posture, the positioning of their drums, and bass drum pedal technique. This free video can help you with this.

Drum Ambition subscriptions start at just $29 per month. There is no contract, and you can cancel at any time. Your subscription is managed online via your own personal account, and all payments are handled by Stripe, one of the leading and most secure online payment facilities available.

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Simon DasGupta.

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