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  1. Jargon busting! Understanding drum terminology

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    The world of drums and percussion, and music in general, is filled with many weird and wonderful words. A drum head is the new accepted term for what we once called a drum skin. You tighten your drum heads by adjusting the tension bolts, and you fit the head onto the bearing edge of your drum shell. Just this one paragraph has multiple drum terms that can be confusing to beginner drummers, and we haven’t even touched the really weird… Read More

  2. Video Blog Episode 9 – What is a click track?

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    A click track is essentially a metronome that plays a role in developing good time keeping, and also has uses in studio recording and live production. In this video blog, Simon examines the practical use of the click track in each of these areas, and discusses why developing good time keeping is the Number One priority for all drummers.   Helpful related articles. 5 Tips to developing good time keeping. Why time keeping is the Number One priority for all… Read More

  3. Video Blog Episode 8 – Should drum sticks break?

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    Aside from natural wear and tear, the most common cause of breaking drum sticks is a simple gap in technique. How you hold your sticks, how tight you grip them, and how hard you hit can affect their lifespan. With the average cost of a good pair of sticks being around $15, accidentally breaking them can become expensive. In this video blog, Simon discusses how being aware of technique can prolong the life of your favorite pair of sticks. Be… Read More

  4. Video Blog Episode 7 – Which drum sticks should I use?

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    The drum stick classification system can be a little confusing to hobbyist drummers. Finding out which drum sticks suit you best is a matter of experimentation, but understanding the basics in terms of weight, composition, tips and brands can help point you in the right direction. In this video blog, Simon discusses the most common stick types, and what sets them apart. They are the 5A, 5B, 7A, and 2B. The 5A is considered the “average” weight, and is always… Read More

  5. Video Blog Episode 6 – Is ear protection important?

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    Whether you are playing acoustic or electronic drums; being mindful of the volume, and taking the appropriate precautions to protect your hearing is highly recommended. Simon shares some insight on what causes hearing damage, the longer term effects, and the importance of paying attention to this factor when learning the drums.   Helpful related articles. How do I make my drums quieter? Sound Control – Practical means of controlling drum set volume. Electronic vs Acoustic drums – choose what’s right… Read More

  6. Video Blog Episode 5 – How much should I practice?

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    Did you know that 5-10 minutes of focused practice per day can give you some great results over time? We all lead busy lives, and finding time to practice, and understanding what to practice, can be a source of frustration. In this video, Simon discusses the difference between focused practice time and “noodling”, and why both can be equally important. Small, manageable, and fun practice sessions are the key to success for busy people!   Helpful related articles. How much… Read More

  7. Video Blog Episode 4 – How do I tune my drums?

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    Tuning drums is a skill that can take a long time to develop, and it really is a case of trial and error, experiments and tinkering. In fact, there are many books and DVDs dedicated to this subject alone. We recommend checking out the DVD “Drum Tuning” by Bob Gatzen. In the meantime, our Special Feature Video on assembling a Yamaha Stage Custom drum set will give you some good fundamentals, and there are a few tips in this video blog that… Read More

  8. Video Blog Episode 3 – Should drumming be painful?

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    Most drumming related aches and pains are a result of bad technique. The good news is that attention to grip, posture, bass drum technique and drum set ergonomics can help you stay healthy! In conjunction with this video blog, we strongly recommend that you watch Special Feature Video Part 1, which covers all of the above areas of development in detail.   Helpful related articles. Should drumming be painful? Blood on the snare drum – The Whiplash myth. 10 bad drumming… Read More

  9. Video Blog Episode 2 – Are the drum set rudiments important?

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    Conventional drumming wisdom will tell you that mastering the drum set rudiments is an essential step in becoming a solid and proficient drummer. But how does this view relate to beginner and hobbyist drummers who mostly want to focus on drum beats, fills, and playing along to music? Simon discusses the merits of applying the core-four rudiments, how they will eventually embellish your drumming, and why you shouldn’t lose sleep over them in the early days of your drumming adventure.… Read More

  10. Video Blog Episode 1 – Why is reading music notation important?

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    Understanding basic music notation will make your learning experience much more productive, and set you up for longer term success. Drum Ambition has been designed for both students that want to learn music notation, and equally for those who do not. With that said, Simon is a huge advocate for learning basic music theory, because in his opinion, it makes the experience better, quicker, and more comprehensive. It is highly recommended that you watch all 10 Music Notation videos.  … Read More

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