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  1. The top Drum Ambition blog topics

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    If you are taking online beginner drum lessons, or are thinking about drumming as a hobby, we have a series of blog articles that can help you. We regularly add new features, and to help identify which ones may be relevant to you, we have compiled this list of the top Drum Ambition blog topics. 2017 POSTS. A sneak peek at the Drum Ambition Video Blog. 16th September, 2017. Why do my cymbals sound bad? 12th September, 2017. 10 bad… Read More

  2. A sneak peek at the Drum Ambition video blog

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    In June 2017, we launched the Drum Ambition Video Blog, exclusively for our members. We thought we’d share with you our September episode, to give you an idea of how this feature adds even more value to a paid monthly membership. Our video blog has covered technique, stick tricks, traditional grip and rudiments, and we are adding new content monthly. Check out our latest episode, and if you have any questions, please email [email protected]   Simon DasGupta.

  3. Why do my cymbals sound bad?

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    As a full time drum teacher, and former retail drum store Manager, this is a question that I have heard a lot over the years. While there are various ways to make your acoustic drums sound better, cymbals are very honest when it comes to sonic quality. While it makes sense that cheaper cymbals may not sound as good as more expensive ones, there are also some less obvious factors that may contribute to your cymbal sound, such as how… Read More

  4. 10 bad drumming habits and how to fix them

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    When we are learning a new skill or hobby, we don’t intentionally set out to take short cuts, or develop bad habits. They are simply, and quite innocently, a byproduct of not knowing any better. The slippery slope begins when those habits become ingrained into your day to day drumming, thus becoming difficult and time consuming to correct. There’s certainly nothing wrong with learning by making mistakes, and you’ll experience that regularly in drumming, as in life. To help you… Read More

  5. Why are some drum sets more expensive then others?

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    Let’s face it – shopping for drums can be a minefield for first time buyers. Fortunately, Drum Ambition is here to help! If you are ready to buy drums, our guides on buying your first set, choosing between electric and acoustic drums, and common mistakes to avoid when buying drum sets online can help point you in the right direction. As a teacher, I am often asked by students why some drum sets are considerably more expensive then others. Fortunately,… Read More

  6. How do I make my drum fills more creative?

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    How do I make my drum fills better? When drum students ask this, they have often hit a plateau and find themselves in a comfort zone of playing the same drum fills, or minor variations of the same fills routinely. The hidden question is often: How do I make my drum fills more creative? In my drum studio in San Diego, I have students of all ages and levels that look for guidance on how to refine and improve their… Read More

  7. How do I drum faster? Why speed is a byproduct of control

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    When learning to play the drums, we all look forward to that moment when we can rock out at higher speeds to our favorite songs. There is definitely something exhilarating and hugely satisfying about drumming at faster tempos, but our obsession for speed can often lead to an inadvertent neglect of the foundation that helps build control. Whether you are watching our videos, reading our blog, watching a video blog or listening to our podcasts, there is one consistent message… Read More

  8. Drum Ambition to launch new video blog in June 2017

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    Drum Ambition, the critically acclaimed educational platform for beginner drummers, is launching a new feature at the end of June 2017. In addition to the full video curriculum, downloadable sheet music, on-screen music notation, written blog and audio files, Drum Ambition members will be able to enjoy the first of a series of Vlogs (video blogs) presented by the platform’s Founder; Simon DasGupta. The Vlog will be professionally recorded and produced at Studio West in San Diego, the home of… Read More

  9. Do I need to learn music notation to play the drums?

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    Is it worth learning to read music to play the drums? Will reading music notation make me a better drummer? Is it hard to learn to read music and what are the benefits? These are common questions that I am asked on a daily basis at my drum studio in San Diego. This brief article should be a helpful reference for both beginner drummers, and those with more experience. My view on this has always been consistent. Learning to read… Read More

  10. Unique Drum Ambition drum sticks on sale now!

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    We have teamed up with our very good friends at Vic Firth to bring you these rather smart Drum Ambition branded drum sticks. Drum sticks come in different weights and sizes, but we typically recommend a 5A for beginner drummers, and that’s exactly what we have on offer! Our branded 5A wood tip sticks are manufactured to Vic Firth’s highest specifications, and carry our unique logo. The Drum Ambition logo featuring the drum sticks over the atom, was created by top… Read More

  11. Can Drum Ambition help if you are not a beginner?

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    Perhaps you are one of the many self-taught drummers who never took formal instruction, or perhaps you have already dabbled with a few drum lessons. If you are interested in embellishing your existing talent by working on the fundamentals of reading, sticking, counting, dynamics and control, then Drum Ambition can help you improve. We do this using our structured curriculum, that you can access on all devices 24/7 – on your own schedule. Read on to see how we can… Read More