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  1. The Top Drum Ambition Blog Topics

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    If you are taking online beginner drum lessons, or are thinking about drumming as a hobby, we have a series of blog articles that can help you. We regularly add new features, and to help identify which ones may be relevant to you, we have compiled this list of the top Drum Ambition blog topics. 2018 POSTS. What is a drum head, and which ones should I use? 2nd April, 2018. So you want to play the drums? 3rd March,… Read More

  2. What is a drum head, and which ones should I use?

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    The wonderful world of drumming is rich with amazing names and descriptors; from the triple flanged hoops on your fusion toms, to the Moongel on your snare drum head. Fortunately, Drum Ambition subscribers have access to a full glossary, made up of our Founder’s 20 years of experience in drums and percussion, including a long period of time managing a retail drum store. Drum heads can be a source of confusion for the beginner and hobbyist drummer, but don’t worry… Read More

  3. New Online Store makes gifting Drum Ambition easy!

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    Do you know someone who could benefit from online drum lessons? Perhaps they need a little inspiration to get started or help to take their drumming to the next level? Perhaps they do not have access to a local drum teacher, and want more structure then the minefield of online video search? We have recently launched our online store, making it easy for you to gift a great value Drum Ambition subscription to friends or family. Simply choose from one… Read More

  4. So you want to play the drums?

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    Are you one of the many people who love music, and find yourself irresistibly drawn to the beat? Have you ever thought about playing the drums, creating the rhythm, and driving a band of your own? Or do you need a fun hobby that inspires, challenges, and reduces the blood pressure after a stressful day? Whether your goal is to give something new a try, fulfill a long term goal, or total world domination, your drumming adventure starts here. If you… Read More

  5. How do I tune a drum set?

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    One of the most common questions I receive from beginner drummers is “how do you tune drums?” If you search online for the answer there are literally thousands of results to shift through, and it can be quite intimidating. Indeed, there have been books written on this subject, as well as multiple videos and DVDs. It is the source of much frustration for drummers of all levels, and we are here to help! The reality is that tuning a drum… Read More

  6. How do I assemble a drum set?

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    You’ve done the research, purchased the drum set, and rushed home ready for some serious fun. You open the boxes, see that there are multiple parts and ask yourself “How do I put together a drum set?” Fear not! We are here to help you, and have made this 15 minute video on the essentials of assembling a drum kit straight from the box. In fact, since we published this video on YouTube about a year ago, we’ve racked up… Read More

  7. Is it OK to simplify drum parts?

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    Do you obsess about playing a drum part exactly as it was recorded? Are you struggling to play a drum part because it’s too technical or too fast?  If the answer to either of these questions is “yes”, then you might want to spend five minutes reading this article. Simplification is a word that comes up in my drum studio every day without exception. You can apply the simplification approach to just about every aspect of your drumming, from beats… Read More

  8. How do I make my drums quieter?

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    One of the biggest concerns for many aspiring drummers is the unescapable fact that drums are loud! Electronic drums are great but are not for everyone, and unless you have the luxury of a large property or a sound proof room, your drums and cymbals are likely to be heard around the house. Sound proofing is uneconomical and largely ineffective unless you have the big bucks to do it right, and practice pad sets that emit no sound at all… Read More

  9. Are electronic drums any good?

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    Electronic drum sets have really come a long way. Ten years ago, a handful of drum companies had a monopoly on the market due to high development, manufacturing and distribution costs, and it seemed that even starter sets were beyond the budget of most aspiring drummers. When newbie drummers buy their first set, they are generally not looking to spend thousands of dollars. Most want to pitch in at the lower end of the cost spectrum and test the water,… Read More

  10. Why do my cymbals sound bad?

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    As a full time drum teacher, and former retail drum store Manager, this is a question that I have heard a lot over the years. While there are various ways to make your acoustic drums sound better, cymbals are very honest when it comes to sonic quality. While it makes sense that cheaper cymbals may not sound as good as more expensive ones, there are also some less obvious factors that may contribute to your cymbal sound, such as how… Read More