This is a question that is commonly asked by potential drum students when researching drum lessons. Given as Drum Ambition is a provider of online drum lessons, you might expect our answer to be an unequivocal "yes". The reality, however, is something a little more balanced, as the answer to this question very much depends upon your personal circumstances.

Drum Ambition is backed by a bricks and mortar teaching business in San Diego, California. In this teaching studio, I routinely help drum students of all levels work towards their goals. Over the years I have received valuable feedback from students about how I can improve their learning experience, and this feedback led to the inception of Drum Ambition in November 2014.

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Many beginner drum students commented that they would like a video of their drum lesson in order to review what they had learned. Other students were asking for advance information on what would be studied in their next lesson, so that they could be better prepared. Given as every beginner drum student is different, it occurred to me that the best way to approach this would be to create video lessons that mirror my in-studio beginner's curriculum. So Drum Ambition was created to essentially be a supplement to my students, and also a supplement to beginner drummers everywhere who might be working in conjunction with a local drum teacher.

It is also true, however, that not everyone has the opportunity to work one to one with a drum teacher, and these people absolutely deserve full attention. Many people simply don't have geographical access to a teacher, are too busy to visit a teacher, may not be able to justify the hourly rate due to other commitments (typically around $60 per hour), or are just undecided on whether they want to visit a teacher. In these respects, online drum lessons are a great alternative.

Over my 20 years of teaching experience, I have worked with multiple drum teachers, and I have always enjoyed the personal interaction and engagement that comes with one to one lessons. Being able to sit with a student, build a relationship, understand their goals and tailor content specifically to their individual needs is something that I believe can't be replicated by watching an online video. This was the biggest challenge to overcome during the genesis of Drum Ambition - how do we give our online students the experience of a one to one lesson?

Firstly, we do this by having one teacher. Whereas many other online platforms prefer a multi-teacher approach, we believe the key to providing a personalized online experience is to work with one teacher. The teacher you see in the videos is me; the same person who writes the blogs, who emails you weekly updates and the same person that posts all of the messages you see on social media. But critically, it is the same person on the other end of the support email, and the same person on your computer screen when you check-in for Skype support. Add to this a structured and comprehensive beginner's curriculum, downloadable PDF sheet music for all of the videos, and a wealth of supplemental information through special feature videos, glossary and blogs; and you have the closest possible experience to working one to one with a drum teacher. We may not be in the same room, but I care deeply about your drum education, and am committed to delivering the best possible learning experience.

Make no mistake; Drum Ambition is a huge advocate for working with local teachers wherever possible, and using online content as a supplement to this experience. But for times when that is not possible, we believe that we provide an unrivaled online experience for beginner drummers. Check out our free video content and blog, and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me personally: [email protected].

All Drum Ambition subscribers qualify for our teacher referral service, Drum Ambition Connect. When you determine that the time is right for you to visit a drum teacher in your area, we will actively assist you in finding an appropriate individual. These are not teachers that pay to be part of a referral service, and there are no commissions paid either way. They are simply the best qualified options in your local area*. This is a free service to the student and teacher, and our way of ensuring you are in the best possible hands.

* Teacher services are subject to local availability.

Simon DasGupta.

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